SMASHXL: Up The Ante

Due to the success of SMASHX last November we have had a huge response from fans to have another! SMASHX currently happens once a year and usually in the later months. Events like this also require resources and funding. SMASHXL is our response to all of these things.

SMASHXL has a larger buy-in than SMASHX did. However, the prize pool cap has increased from $1200 to $5000 to make up for this. SMASHXL is not an event meant to profit from. It is an event meant to raise funds to pay for the resources, equipment, and venues to run all of the tournaments, challenges, and competitions throughout the year. By competing in SMASHXL you are showing your support for local esports and are assisting in the growth of our scene.

Players also get other benefits including the free limited edition SMASHX tshirt that comes with every sign up, as well as an option to upgrade to VIP and receive a personalized SMASHX jersey as well as player lanyard and badge.

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