Our Story

Matt explored the idea of opening a video game lounge in 2009, a place where gamers could hang out and play their favorite games old and new while being served food and beverages. This idea was inspired by his love of Nintendo and Sega when he was growing up. The lounge idea was instead used to develop a different type of business and the gaming plan was put on hold. Finally in 2016, he was inspired to bring life back into the gaming concept. It started as an idea to create a competitive gaming arena and soon it evolved into a variety of events with different themes. With the help of long time supporters Jake and Kevin, the revived project was underway.
Introducing 1UPX ESports. The "X" is for "Xtreme", which is the best way to describe the original style of competitive gaming you will find at 1UPX events. It is a blend of traditional esports and unique goal oriented challenges. It can be a speed race or a high score attempt. It could be a game from today or a game from the 80's. The only way to find out is to find an event near you and step up to the challenge.
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