We reserve the right to change the rules at any time prior to the event. It is YOUR responsibility to check back for the most recent updates.

Last Update: 2-27-2019


Match – A pairing of two players or teams in a bracket. When the two people complete the required rounds and a winner is determined

Round – A single continuous period of play.

Judge/Official – The tournament authority who resolves conflicts and ultimately decides round and match winners.

Glitching – abusing a fault in the game that was unintended by the developer. Ethics for Event Organizers As organizers, we will work proactively to ensure that everyone has a welcoming and safe weekend regardless of age, gender, gender identity, or religion. Have a plan of action for anyone breaching our code of conduct and enforce it. Ensure that Player or Spectators do not use any nicknames, team names that may be offensive.

Ethics for Players and Spectators

Never express yourself in a violent or sexually offensive manner to teammates, opponents or spectators. Never cheat or exploit glitches. Never use any racist, sexist, offensive or obscene language or actions.

Rules and Regulations Registration

1. All players must be registered in full on or before the final registration date or they will be placed into a backup player pool.

2. All player names must not infringe upon the trademark, copyright, publicity rights, intellectual property, or other rights of any person or entity.

3. Any player that is a minor must have a parental or legal guardian permission form filled out and must be received by 1UPX ESports by the final registration date.

4. If a player is using personal or custom input devices, they must be listed on the player registration form.

Acceptable input devices/headsets.

1. Any devices used will be subject to inspection by event officiators.

2. Acceptable PC input devices include Mice, Keyboards, Game pads, and Trackballs. Any others will be subject to inspection and approval by event officiators. If it is a console game then no outside devices will be accepted.

3. No input devices can be capable of any sort of internal scripts/macros/rapid-fire.

4. Audio devices must not be connected to any external sources.

5. If you bring your own controller, it must be wired in. No wireless activity will be allowed.

Player/Spectator Code of Conduct

1. All participants must maintain good sportsmanship.

2. No interference in any way with the tournament.

3. No intentionally delaying game play.

4. No collusion between players on different teams to predetermine matches.

5. No racist, sexist, offensive, discriminatory or obscene language or actions.

6. Violence in any form will result in immediate disqualification and removal from premises.

7.  No cheating or exploiting bugs/glitches.